Medical Journal IMJ Health (ISSN: 2395-6992) is an international scientific organization intended for publish research articles in the field of Medical, Health, and Pharmaceutical Research sciences. The purpose of the journal is to enable scientists or researchers with expertise in Medical, Health, and Pharmaceutical sciences to share their systematic research activities with the natural world or with young professionals. Medical Journal IMJ Health is a worldwide monthly journal published by AD Publications, Bikaner, and Rajasthan, INDIA since May 2015.

Author (s) can use their articles, in full or in part, for a wide range of scholarly, non-commercial purposes as outlined below:

1.  Use by an author in the author's classroom teaching (including distribution of copies, paper or electronic).

2.  Distribution of copies (including through e-mail) to known research colleagues for their personal use (but not for Commercial Use).

3.  Inclusion in a thesis or dissertation (provided that this is not to be published commercially).

4.  Use in a subsequent compilation of the author's works.

5.  Extending the Article to book-length form.

6.  Preparation of other derivative works (but not for Commercial Use).

7.  Otherwise using or re-using portions or excerpts in other works. These rights apply for all Medical Journal IMJ Health authors who publish their article as either a subscription article or an open access article. In all cases we require that all Medical Journal IMJ Health authors always include a full acknowledgement to the journal.