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1. A Review of Managed Learning Process for Constructing Decision Trees in Clinical Diagnosis
Authors:  Badinehalu Mrutha

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-1
2. AI Models for Predicting Mammographic Mass Severity
Authors:  Bukke Devendranaik

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-2
3. AI Approaches for Imputing Missing Values in Mammogram Mass Data
Authors:  Chappidi Sravanthi

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-3
4. Forecasting and Recognition of Coronary Illness Utilizing Clinical Data Mining Techniques
Authors:  G Tejaswini

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-4
5. Investigating Clinical Data Integration for Enhanced Healthcare Management: A Focus on Feature Determination Based on Mutual Information for Multiclassification Performance
Authors:  Galeti Sivaprasad

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-5
6. Identifying Breast Cancer through the Application of Machine Learning Algorithms: A Comprehensive Exploration of Techniques and Methods for Detection and Diagnosis
Authors:  G Mallikarjunareddy

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-6
7. Developing An Accurate Model for Comprehensive Analysis Of Mammographic Masses In Clinical Settings
Authors:  Jalam Likhitha

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-7
8. Exploring a Supervised Learning Approach for Enhanced Clinical Diagnosis and Discovery
Authors:  Kallagunta Bhavanapriya

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-8
9. Implementing Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Predicting Survival Rates in Breast Cancer Patients
Authors:  Kalluru Madhavi

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-9
10. The Impact of Feature Selection on Learning Accuracy in Liver Disease and Disorder Prediction
Authors:  K Jyoshna

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-10
11. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Predicting Cases of Coronary Disease: An Investigative Approach
Authors:  Lakka Jahnavi

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-11
12. Clinical Integration of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Enhanced Medical Image Fusion
Authors:  Lalam Naga Sai Rohit

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-12
13. Utilizing Machine Learning Classification for Heart Disease Identification in E-Healthcare: A Comprehensive Approach
Authors:  Palegari Saraswathamma

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-13
14. Enhanced Prediction of Brain Tumor Growth through Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:  Patan Shabana

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-14
15. Enhancing Alzheimer's Disease Detection Through Advanced Image Processing Techniques
Authors:  Pattasani Chandrika

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-15
16. Predicting Low Birth Weight (LBW) Cases in Early Pregnancy using Machine Learning Approaches Top of Form
Authors:  Rallapalle Kavitha

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-16
17. A Comprehensive Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Diabetes Mellitus Using the Pima Indians Diabetes Database
Authors:  M D Chandini

SEIDigital Identification Number: IMJH-SVU-MAY-2024-17