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1. Dermatitis Artefacta : Case Report and Review of Literature
 Dr. Mahesh Prajapat, Dr. Ridhima Lakhani, Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Dr. Vijay Paliwal, Dr. Deepak K. Mathur, Dr. Puneet Bhargava
2. Social Activities of Patients with Oncological Diseases
 Milena Karcheva and SilviaTcvetkova
3. Therapeutic Priority for Developing Communication in Children with Special Educational Needs: Speech Therapy Intervention
 Iolanda Tobolcea
4. Relation between Changing Lifestyle and Adolescent Obesity in India: A Community Based Study among School Children
 Yadav N, Yadav S, Gautam N, Manohar R K, Yadav R and Gupta R
5. A Descriptive study of Expression of p16ink4a in Different Types of Lesions in Uterine Cervix
 Milena Karcheva and Savelina Popovska
6. Measuring job satisfaction and impact of demographic characteristics among Doctors of Teaching Hospitals
 Sucharitha Suresh, Dr. Rashmi Kodikal and Dr. Shubhashree Kar
7. Klippel Trenaunay Weber (KTW) Syndrome with solid organ involvement: Case Report of a rare case
 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Richa purohit, Dr. Vinny gupta and Dr. Kamal kant
8. Effects of Cigarette and Shisha Smoking on Hematological Parameters: An analytic case-control study
 Nadia M.M., Shamseldein H.A. and Sara A.S.