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1. Biophysical profile of a case of Peeling Skin Syndrome – A model for study of Stratum Corneum function
 Authors: Dr. Siddhi Tiwari, Dr. Ridhima Lakhani, Dr. Mahesh Prajapat,Dr. Puneet Bhargava
2. Antenatal Care and its associates: A community based cross sectional study
 Authors: Dr. Mahendra Khanna, Dr. Goverdhan Meena, Dr. Paddma Khanna, Dr. Naveen Kumawat and Dr. Suresh Kewalramani
3. Bio-socio-demographic factors associated with adolescent Psychiatric Wellness: A cross sectional study
 Authors: Shubham Agarwal, Dr. Raghav Shah, Chetan Sani, Dr. Ashok Arora, Dr. Dilip Raj
4. Profile of Lower Limb Amputees attended at a tertiary care Hospital: A Descriptive study
 Authors: Dr. Battilal Jadeja, Dr. Afifa Zafer, Dr. Rajeswari Jindal and Dr. Kusum Gaur
5. Five Year Trend Analysis of a tertiary level Gynecological Hospital of Rajasthan: A cross sectional study
 Authors: Dr. Chandrakanta Surolia, Dr. Pawan Surolia, Dr. Puja Dixit, Dr. Dharmesh Sharma