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1. Outcome Analysis of Outpatient Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Follow up upto three Months
 Muhammed Sadık Bilgen, Gökay Eken, Osman Yaray
2. Determination of patterns in the EEG signals during relaxation through music using Bayesian Networks
 Guillermo Alfonso De la Torre-Gea, Gabriela García-Manzo
3. Fuzzy Inference Modeling of Risk Factors in Coronary Diseases : A Review
 Amrane M., Boussouf K., Bouharati K., Bouaoud S., Foudi N., Kendri S., Djaber Y., Touabti A., Bouharati S., Hamdi-Cherif M.
4. Clinico-etiological profile of Empyema Thoracis in children: A Descriptive Analysis
 Dr. Anubhav Jain, Dr. Maincy Devadiya, Dr. Sushant Mane, Dr. Mukesh Meena, Dr. Mahesh Verma
5. Maternal polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Antenatal (ANC) Complications: A Case Control Study
 Dr. Maincy Devadiya, Dr. Anubhav Jain, Dr. Sushma P. Sinha, Dr. Anita G. Kaul, Dr. Suman Meena
6. Factors associated with Physical Quality of Life in Diabetes Mallitus
 Dr. Mamta Sharma, Dr. Kapil Shrama, Dr. Kusum Gaur, Dr. Renu Bedi