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1. Spiritual Intelligence: A Road Map to Future Learning
 Authors: Dr. Suruchi Singh, Dr. Anoop Swarup and Dr. Ruchi Singh
2. Maternal factors of anemia in 3rd trimester of Pregnancy and its association with fetal outcome
 Authors: Dr. Renu Bedi, Dr. Rekha Acharya, Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Dr. Swati Pawar and Mr. Rakesh Sharma
3. Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma with Superficial Bone Erosion: A Case Report
 Authors: Dr. Anuja Chandra, Dr. Hoti Lal Gupta, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Shradha Sethi, Dr. Probal Soud and Dr. Neha Yadav
4. Association of Zinc, Copper and Iron Levels with Birth Weight
 Authors: Dr. Sonal Suman, Dr. Shakuntal Saini and Dr. R. C. Gupta
5. Problem Based Integrated Teaching of Bronchial Asthma to Second MBBS Students
 Authors: Dr. Lokendra Sharma, Dr. Monica Jain, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Dr. B.S. Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Singhal and Dr. Shivankan Kakar, Dr. Kopal Sharma
6. Association of Serum Lipid Profile and Chronic Periodontitis: A Case Control Study
 Authors: Dr. Anuja Chandra, Dr. Hoti Lal Gupta, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Shradha Sethi ,Dr. Neha Yadav and Dr. Probal Soud
7. Situation Analysis of Patient Load at a District Hospital of eastern-northern Rajasthan
 Authors: Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Dr. Kusum Gaur and Mr. Rajkumar Sharma
8. Relationship of Bone Marrow Density (Hip and Spine) in Cerebral Palsy: A Case-Control Study
 Authors: Dr. Avikalp Prakash, Dr. Rajeswari Jindal and Dr. Mrinal Joshi
9. Association of Mental Health with Spiritual Health: A Cross-sectional Study on Geriatric Population of Jaipur City (Rajasthan) India
 Authors: Dr. Kusum Lata Gaur, Dr. Priyanka Kapoor, Dr. Afifa Zafer, Dr. Dilip Raj and Dr. R. K. Manohar