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1. Isolated Medial Rectus Cysticercosis mimicking pre-septal cellulitis: A Case Report
 Dr. Pooja choudhary, Dr. Arvind Chauhan, Dr. Manoj Verma

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJH-SEP-2017-1

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-1
2. Superior orbital fissure syndrome due to Metastatic prostatic malignancy: A Case Report
 Dr. Tharini S, Dr. Mahesh Kumar

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJH-SEP-2017-3

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-3
3. Clinico-epidemiology and outcome of ectopic pregnancy: An experience of 7 years in St. Stephen's hospital, Delhi
 Dr. Girraj Prasad Swarnkar, Dr. Minakshi Mishra, Dr. Sujatha Charles, Dr. Asha Sharma, Dr. Alok Sony, Dr. Kusum Gaur

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJH-SEP-2017-4

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-4
4. Clinico-epidemiological study of cutaneous tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospital of Rajasthan
 Dr. Elangbam Nelson Singh, Dr. Saroj Purohit, Dr. Uma Shankar Agarwal, Dr. Ramsingh Meena, Dr. Surendra Kumar, Dr. Puneet Agarwal

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJH-SEP-2017-5

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-5
5. Menstrual pattern among school girls with special reference to determinants of amount of menstrual blood loss: A cross-sectional study in Jaipur city
 Dr. Sudha Saluja, Dr. Pushpa Nagar, Dr. Rajender Verma, Dr. Rajeev Yadav, Dr. Nidhi Goyal, Dr. Mukesh Swami, Dr. Prachi Gupta

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJH-SEP-2017-6

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-6
6. Dosimetric evaluation of carcinoma nasopharynx using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT): An institutional experience from Western India
 Dr. Upendra Nandwana, Dr. Shuchita Pathak, Dr. TP Soni, Dr. T Natarajan, Dr. Venugopal, Dr. Umra Fatima, Dr. Jeevraj

DOI of Engineering JournalDOI: 10.25125/medical-journal/IMJHT-SEP-2017-7

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-September-2017/IMJH-SEP-2017-7