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1. Modeling and Preventive Measures of Ebola: An Analysis of an Epidemic in Libya
 Le Zhang, Qianqian Qu, Wanru Jia, Cong Fang, Jie Weng, Jun Yan, Shunjie Guo and Yong Li
2. Menstruation and Menstrual hygiene among Adolescent girls of Ahmadabad city: A Descriptive Analysis
 Dr. Arohi Chauhan, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Chauhan and Dr. D.V.Bala
3. Superior Orbital Fissure Syndrome due to Metastatic Prostatic Malignancy – A Case Report
 Tharini S, Mahesh Kumar
4. Sex determination using mastoid process measurements of dry skull bone: A Descriptive Analysis
 Dr. Sunil Poonia, Dr Seema Gupta, Dr. Pooja Choudhary and Dr. Manoj Verma